How it Works

In general, the Data Authority RBV achieves its high level of performance by tracking which data is already present on the Vault. After the initial full — or “seed” — backup, the RBV transmits and stores only the pieces of each file that have changed since the last time the file was backed up.

When the RBV executes a Backup Set, the Client Software scans the Client Computer’s local hard drive and identifies files that have changed since the last backup. Each changed file is compared to a “Fingerprint” of its previous version to isolate old, new, and shifted bytes and blocks within the file. A new Fingerprint of the changed file is generated and transmitted to the Vault along with data blocks representing the new and changed data in the file; the new blocks are known, collectively, as a “Delta”. The RBV can reproduce a point-in-time snapshot of each completed backup by combining these Deltas and Fingerprints.

Data Authority - How it works

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