Do I need to maintain any hardware or software?

No, all the hardware and software is maintained by Data Authority, including maintenance agreements, software updates, critical repairs etc.

How many devices can I install the software or agent on?

The backup software and agent can be installed on as many servers or workstations as you require. To backup a NAS or SAN device, simply create another backup set from one of the servers or workstations.

Do I have to pay for the software or agent?

No, all the software, agents and patches are included in your service agreement.

Do we need to purchase a separate internet pipe or increase our bandwidth?

No, most corporate internet connections are more than adequate to complete daily backups. Once the initial seed is completed, the data Deduplication technology reduces the amount of data transferred, which enhances backup speeds.

When running a backup, why does the data rate shown beside the progress bar seem slow compared to the network speed?

The rate refers to the rate data is being written to the Appliance, not the transmission rate across the LAN or WAN.

My Windows XP Firewall pops up with a “Java™ Platform SE Binary” warning during Client registration, should I unblock this?

Yes, the back-up agent uses Java. You must unblock this request to allow the Client to communicate with the Data Authority RBV.

Is there a more detailed view showing exactly which files and folders will be backed up?

Yes, in the agent software you can click the “Preview” button to see this information for a particular backup set. Go to the “Backup Sets” tab, select the backup set you are reviewing and click ‘Preview“. Preview generation may take some time for a backup set with many thousands of files.

Can I schedule an individual backup set to run more than once per day?

Yes, by using the “CRON Scheduling” feature when you create a new schedule you can run backups hourly, every half hour, etc. Obviously, you would want to avoid situations where the backups are scheduled so closely that they are constantly running.

If I have two backups sets scheduled to start at the same time for the same agent computer, will they run simultaneously?

No, one job will complete and the other will start immediately afterwards. Each agent can run one backup job at a time.

What does “CFE” mean in the “Event Details” area of the History tab? Most jobs say “Success”, but some say “CFE”. Is something wrong?

Nothing is wrong; CFE stands for “Common File Elimination”. Identical files in different locations are transmitted and stored (with pointers to the other instances), rather than being backed up multiple times. This provides the ability to backup and restore these duplicate files more efficiently.

How do I update the Agent software? Agent upgrades will typically accompany DA RBV upgrades.

Agent upgrades will occur automatically if the Agents are set to do so (default behavior)

  1. In the Manager, under Client Management->Default Client Settings->Software Update tab, verify that “Automatically install Client updates/upgrades” is checked. This will ensure new Client installations will be automatically updated in the future.
  2. Make sure existing Clients are configured to automatically install Client updates & upgrades. To do this, in the Manager under Client Management->Manage Clients select the Client and click on “Manage Client” link. Then click on Options tab and then “Software Updates” sub-tab. Make sure that the Client is set to “Automatically install Client updates/upgrades”.
  3. If a Client does not appear to automatically update, you may force an update by running the “Back-up Software Installer” from the Manager, under “Manage Clients”.

Note that the Client upgrade process does NOT force a reboot of the computer in the event one is needed, in case the computer is in use.

Do I need to contact Data Authority if I need to restore any backed up files?

No, restores can easily be done using the agent software on computer. However, should you need assistance or have a question you can contact us.

If I accidentally delete a file, do I need to restore the entire backup set?

No, the Data Authority system allows you to easily restore your data from a single file up through a full restore using our simple agent software.

Can the agent software be used to backup data on laptops or other devices not in the office?

Yes, since Data Authority backs up files over a secure internet connection, all of your files can be backed up as long as you have an internet connection regardless of their location.

What happens if I lose my internet connection during a backup?

If the backup is stopped before completion, it will resume from the point where it left off. This should happen automatically without any need for action by the user.

If a system is infected by a virus will it corrupt the backup?

No. A virus can only execute if a file is opened and the backed up files on the RBV cannot be opened. If you have an infected file, this is where data retention become critical as you can restore a previous version of the file that was saved prior to the infection.