Key Benefits

Automatic, Off-site Backup of All Your Data

Data Authority’s (RBV) delivers total data privacy, total data recovery and total data mobility. Completely hands-free and policy-based, it’s designed to make an initial copy of your data, and then will update as scheduled for incremental, automatic operation. It eliminates the expense, hassle, and security concerns of tape and other manual solutions while delivering off-site protection from natural and manmade disasters.

Secure Data Protection in the Cloud

You no longer need to contemplate separate hardware for each location or additional appliances or services for remote data backup. The Data Authority RBV is optimized for secure and speedy operation over the internet and seamlessly automates backup for any mix of servers, desktops, laptops and remote locations.

Executives’, Sales’, and Other Laptops are Safe

Laptops are at the highest risk of theft or loss but they are also left vulnerable by most backup solutions — including tape or hybrid solutions. The Data Authority RBV not only accommodates laptops easily and completely, but also lets you add new laptops or other clients or servers without hassle, additional charges, or additional fees.

Control Your Data

With Data Authority’s Remote Backup Vault (RBV), you maintain the privacy of your data at all times. Your IT staff or trusted IT services provider is directly accountable to you when it comes to your data backup and the RBV ensures your data is there when you need it.

A Complete, Cost-Effective Backup Strategy

With the Data Authority RBV you enjoy all the benefits of a cloud backup solution with the added benefits of controlling your own data. You pay only for storage. The addition of extra “nodes” for any separate devices is included in the service. All you pay for is the data that’s protected in the Vault. Backup as many devices as you need from any location using a single solution. No need to monitor or control the transfer of data, once implemented, it will automatically transfer all of your data to the RBV.