How We’ve Worked for Companies Like Yours.


“We had a user accidentally delete an important file from his laptop and we didn’t have a copy anywhere else on the network. We were in full panic mode until we realized that the file was part of our automated online backup and we restored it easily using the DA client agent on the user’s laptop.”

-BC Hockey

“By using Data Authority’s Remote Backup technology, we are able to free ourselves from the headaches of dealing with a tape system. Gone are the days of cleaning, labeling, and swapping tapes. Once the system is set up your backups are done for you through the automated system. When it comes time to recover any backed up data, the ease of a restore from the RBV is infinitely better than the old method of scouring tapes.”

-Trigger Communications

“It’s the only way to securely backup data in the new millennium. We have full control of not only what gets backed up, but also real-time access to the files backed up from each device. The accessibility and control along with the security makes me wonder how we ever got along without it.”

-Hockey Canada