About Us


Data Authority was founded in 2006 with a clear mission stemming from a lack of practical and affordable data backup products in the marketplace. Our mission is to give all businesses access to a reliable offsite backup solution that is automated, easy-to-use and affordable. By using our (Remote Backup Vault) solution to protect their mission critical data our clients have been able to free themselves from their antiquated removable media options such as tapes, CDs or DVDs by utilizing a fully automated process to safely store their data to offsite facilities without giving up access to or control of their data.

Through our cloud-based offering, Data Authority delivers the best-in-class scalable, reliable and affordable offsite backup and disaster recovery solution for small and medium sized businesses. Data Authority is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta and services clients worldwide.

Our flagship service is our remote backup system that utilizes our Remote Backup Vault (RBV). This solution delivers the benefits of an online backup service in an economical, easy-to-use, and simple to set up and maintain data-protection service. It secures your data in the Cloud and provides our clients with ultimate security as well as on-demand access to data that fulfills their IT and data continuity needs.

See how Data Authority can assist you to secure your data and free you from tapes by requesting a demo by clicking here.

Mission / Vision


Data Authority’s Mission is twofold: To give all businesses the opportunity to have a proper backup strategy to securely protect their data, and to free their clients from the burden of switching and transporting tapes.


To be recognized as the premier storage solution provider. By giving small and medium sized businesses a viable option to properly secure their important data we can assist them to be confident that they will always have access to their data allowing them to focus on their core competency.


Data Authority started with the goal of getting people away from the hated endless cycle of tape juggling. As IT professionals we recognized how tedious and difficult it was to not only backup data, but also recover the data. There simply had to be a better way!

The increases in transfer speed, and near universal access to both high-speed internet and the infrastructure of the internet itself, or the CLOUD, provided the perfect vehicle to enable people to be able to store their data through a process that could be automated.

Using a client application that could not only ensure backup but could also be used to recover files using a simple interface became an obsession for us that was finally realized in 2006 and we’ve been working to free the world from tapes ever since.