Key Benefits

Data Authority affords you the ability to leverage the benefits of a cloud backup solution and avoid the hassle of tape or hybrid technologies.

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Automatic, Off-site Backup of All Your Data

Data Authority delivers total data privacy, total data recovery and total data mobility using our online backup system.

Executives’, Sales’, and Other Laptops are Safe

Laptops are at high risk of theft or loss, but they are also left vulnerable by most backup solutions — tape, cloud or hybrid solutions.

One Location Protects All Your Data

You no longer need to worry about purchasing hardware or obtaining resources to complete your remote backup needs.

A Complete, Cost-effective Backup Strategy

With Data Authority’s Remote Backup Vault (RBV) you can backup as many devices as you need from any location using a single solution.

Control Your Data

Only you have access to your data. Our service ensures the integrity of your data.

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